Given that our students are intellectually precocious or in need of extra academic support, IES faculty offer cutting edge and thought-provoking coursework—across the board—so that elementary school children are just as stimulated as our high school and college students. The classroom work and homework can be a challenge, and in the process of completing it, our students begin the oft-arduous process of mastering time.

Here’s how it works: Incoming students are first offered a diagnostic examination for eventual placement in either a remedial, average, or advanced class. Coupled with the exam is an informal interview with both the parents and the student to gauge their needs and expectations.

Courses Offered

At Ivy, it is our unconditional guarantee that every child who passes through our doors receives personalized attention. We believe that positively motivating children will help them excel not only in their primary education, but in life, as well.

IES offers two forms of study: private tutoring and group tutoring. Private tutoring is a one-on-one arrangement between the tutor and the student, and usually involves helping the student complete their homework or offering further explanation to their existing primary school classes. Group tutoring involves classes of up to 10 students, and is primarily geared towards SAT Mathematics and Reading and Writing. Both forms of instruction use appropriate pedagogy to further stimulate a student’s curiosity.