Student Testimonials

I would be lying if I said classes at IVY were pretty easy, but IVY was one of the most rewarding experiences and decision that I've ever made. My SAT score increase by 700 points overall, and Mr.Oh was able to broaden the way I perceived and analyze every question. He encouraged me togo outside the box and think before you act. Now that's a valuable technique if you ask me. Do not think of IVY as an institution that only fosters learning. It also fosters growth and memories. I made new friends and lasting relationships that help pull me through high school. The academic staff at IVY helpedme to improve my scores, and made my experience memorable by expressinggenuine care. The SAT course at IVY wasvery memorable and enjoyable. Through hard practice tests, thought provoking lessons, highly dedicated staff, and building friendships, Mr. Oh helped megain admission to prestigious colleges, even the IVY league ones.

- Alfonso Garcia, FDMS Class of 2014, accepted to Brown University and U.C. Berkeley

I am currently a senior at St. John’s School and I was accepted to Duke University. When I attended IVY, I first started with Mrs. Cora who helped me learn the fundamentals of Mathematics that I hadtrouble with. After a couple of years, I parted with Mrs. Cora to take classes with Mr. Oh. Under the tutelage of Mr. Oh I was able to study a variety of high-leveled Mathematics, such as Calculus, in depth. Through these classes I also generated a passion for mathematics that helped me in my mathematics and science courses tremendously.IVY’s helpedme to excel my mathematics courses and develop a strong interest in the field of Science and mathematics.

– Franklin Lee, St John’s School Class of 2014, accepted to Duke University and University of Pennsylvania by early decision.

This place is awesome!! IVY Educational has provided me with quality tutorials in mathematics and English courses throughout the my academic career. They have helped me to significantly raise my SATscores and provided me with indispensable advice when I was applying tomy colleges. During my college application process, their help really madethe difference between getting accepted and getting rejected. It was arefreshing experience to learn from the brilliant and friendly teachers of IVYEducational Services.

-William Kyu Won Lee, St John’s School Class of 2014, accepted to University of Pennsylvania by early decision.